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Skyy the limit

Monday, May 25, 2009

Post Birthday Pics

Sorry folks for the some of the pics prior to my birthday party at East Coast Chalet!

See Grandpa & Xann's expression? Were they shocked to be captured in camera? Haha.

How can my party go without my buddies!

Thanks to Uncle Manfred for the birthday cake that I've requested.

May my wishes came true soon!

Xann's smiling away as she can finally have her sleep.

This was the cozy corner that I was given to spend the nite.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Skyy Turns 5!

Times really flies...I am 5 years old today!!! I had a birthday celebration in school today. Thanks to Aunty Patty again for the cake! She never fails to give me a surprise on my request on the cake design! I wanted a Spongebob Squarepant's birthday cake while Daddy came up with the idea of having them "individually"...and it worked out great!

Can you imagine how my cake will looks like?

Here you go...

Cool? Even my classmates are amused! You hear the "ooh", "wow", "whoa", "wah"...the moment when my cake was shown to them! Then you heard the "Spongebob Squarepant, Spongebob Squarepant, Spongebob...", the Spongebob song...haha!

Everyone gets a cupcake, no hassle and no fuss! Mummy had captured a video using her mobile on the moment my classmates sang me the birthday song!

I had an earlier birthday celebration last weekend with my family and relatives at the East Coast Chalet. Shall post the pics here soon! :)

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Saturday, March 07, 2009


Am puzzled why the others always say that I'm jealous of I? Really? I don't really know what jealousy is while I do like her a lot...really! I just felt that nowadays, everyone is paying less attention on me...people like my parents and Nanny...they always attending to Xann before me! But I do understand that she can't do a lot of things now like I do hence she needed those attentions more than me. At times, Mummy would asked me whether do I want to give Xann away since I'm "bullying" answers would always be a firm NO!

Well, I would disturb her when she's asleep...throw her Dolly on the floor when no one was in sight...don't think all of these actions are "bullying" her, right? Anyway, I do like my sister! She's such a jovial baby who smiles easily! Here are some of the "evidences"...

All I did was showing her Dolly to her and there she was, smiling away! Dolly is her 1st doll which she received on her 1st X'mas while the name Dolly was given by ME!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monkey see monkey do?

Attended Edric Yap Bao Rui baby shower last week while I had a great time with Ethan! Here's a funny video of us captured by Daddy!

See? We don't just follow one another on what we did but we did it with our own thinking and style! Haha...

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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Time really flies...before I could wish all a happy lunar new was already the 11th day of the CNY! Hmm...anyway...wishing all have a blessed year ahead! It is the year of Ox this year.

Well, there are many "RAT" babies just like Xann last and this year. Those born within the lunar calendar of the year of RAT from 7 Feb 2008 to 25 Jan 2009 are known as the "RAT" babies in Chinese term!

Mummy was happy that her friends, colleagues and even our relatives are having "RAT" babies too! Here are some of the "Rat" babies' pics in calendar order:

This is Gladys, Mummy's colleague daughter who was born on 31 Jan 2008. She was born in the year of Pig instead! But she's consider same age as Xann as both were born in year 2008!

Then came Kennon, baby brother of my buddy Keith who was born on 11 Mar 2008!

Mummy's buddy, Aunty Dolphin's Kriz arrived on 24 Apr 2008!

This is charming Owen from Mummy's friend, Aunty Yoke Ling who was born on 11 Oct 2008!

Jay, from Mummy's colleague, Aunty Kellist was 2 weeks earlier than Xann. He was born on 13 Nov 2008.

My sweet little sister Xann who had arrived 3 weeks earlier from her original due date was born on 27 Nov 2008 instead! This pic was taken on her 56 days old!

Then came Edric from Aunty Miew Ling, Daddy's cousin on 10 Jan 2009. He had chosen to arrive before the year of Ox and be a "RAT" baby too!

Ps. Missing here was Jeanae from Aunty Judith who was born in July 2008!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Skyy entertaining Xann in his own way...

Wonder does Xann enjoy it?

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Naughty Xann

See what Xann has done when she throws tantrum...hmm...

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Family Sketch

Been thinking of posting my family sketch onto my blog but it kept slipping off my mind...

Here you go - This is My Family Sketch! I was proud of it as Mum pinned it in her office cubicle since the day it was produced! Thanks to Mum for tagging who's who in my family sketch!

You must be wondering why there's no Xann...cos this was done on one of the occasions when Mum brought me to her office on one of the Saturdays before Xann's arrival! She would bring me along to her office if Nanny Agnes & Dad can't look after me while she need to rush for some work...I would be enjoying myself either with my DS or new toy bought at the shopfloor next to her cubicle...draw at times and this is how my family sketch was born! Isn't it nice? Pingu is actually one of my favorite plush toys which I would bring him along we travel, he's part of our family member too! Heehee.

Will have a new family sketch soon with Xann included for sure!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Adorable Xann

See how adorable and sweet was our baby Xann! She looks more like a girl with the hair band on hor? Haha...thanks to Aunty Cheng for the pretty hair band!

These pics were taken minutes ago while Xann is already 1mth and 11 days old! How time flies but Mummy found it too slow...cos she can't wait to carry her in the baby carrier so that we can travel on bus to Nanny Agnes place together! In that case, Nanny Agnes doesn't have to come over and fetch me in the morning and Mummy can go shopping alone with her too. It would be a hassle to go shopping with the bulky pram if Mummy was to go alone with Xann! It would be easier in a baby carrier!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Craze for Lego...

Happy New Year! It's the first day of the year 2009! Will be going to K1 this year and my "ex-girlfriend" Evangeline will be joining me in the afternoon class! It's great news since we have been parted for the whole 2008...wonder does she still remember me...heehee...

Been craving for all kinds of Lego lately, I think the craving got stronger after playing the Nintendo DS Lego Indiana Jones & Lego Batman! Had came across the actual Indiana Jones Lego set at one of the departmental store and I had wish for one in X'mas! I was lucky to have my dream fulfilled!

It was a gift from Uncle Manfred & Aunty Dew while Dad helped to get all parts assembled!

There were small detailed parts like guns, gold coins, snakes, spiders, etc included in the set. I had endless fun with this set!

Received 2 more Lego sets this X'mas as well!

This Police set was a gift from my parents. It had very detailed handcuff for the "thieves" too!

This Express Mail Plane was from Aunty Joanne during X'mas too!

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Xann's Baby Shower

Xann was 1 month old rite after X'mas and we had a baby shower for her at the Yishun Safra Clubhouse! It took about 2 weeks time for Mummy to prepare for her big day while it all ended in a glimpse! This was how I look for the big day...but we had all missed out the most important thing - to capture Xann's pic for the day! Sigh...Daddy & Mummy were feeling guilty but can't really blame them as there's no volunteer that day...they were so busy entertaining our guests...

Xann don't even get to take a pic with her beautiful Baby Shower cake as she was sound asleep in her pram! So I stood in her position instead! The cake was yummy and best of all; it was a gift from Aunty Patty!

Everyone was given this door gift as a gesture for attending her party! Mummy had ordered them specially from Aunty Patty's pastry shop! Every box was tailored with Xann's pic and a THANK YOU note to our guests.

There were 4 cupcakes in each box which had the attached designs. Aren't they pretty? Do check out Aunty Patty's Pat & Felcor Pastry Kitchen website for more choices should you require her help!

Xann was a lucky baby with many well wishers since she was born! There were so many gifts from so many people while her closet was full of new clothing which could last her in a different one daily for at least a month I guess! Haha...believe it? Anyway, thanks to all the well wishers for the gifts! Here are some of the gifts pics.

Well, as the color Pink was normally in our mindset for a girl hence Xann's closet was almost 90% covered with Pink clothing...even her rocker was also Pink!

Xann had her BCG 2nd dose injection done yesterday. She really resemble me when I was baby - we didn't cried during our injection but just letting out a cry at the moment when the needle was injected then we were back to our sleep! We are the brave and tough ones!

Xann grew a fare bit too for the past 1 month as from the birth weight of 3.32kg, she is now a healthy 4.73kg baby girl! Her height is also taller at 55.7cmas compare to her birth height of 49cm! Can't wait to see her grow till she is able to play with me...I've so many toys to share with her!

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